Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dukane Donates Equipment to Bioplastics Characterization Lab

Dukane Corporation donated a pneumatic ultrasonic welder and loaned a servo-actuator controlled ultrasonic welding system to David Grewell’s bioplastics research group. The new equipment will be used to study various control algorithms for cutting polylactic acid (PLA) films. They were installed in the Bioplastics Characterization Lab, part of the suite of research labs operated by the Center for Crops Utilization Research (CCUR).

Mike Johnston, Dukane Vice President of Sales and Marketing,
shows Sara Underwood, graduate student in agricultural and
biosystems engineering, how to use the ultrasonic welder. 
“The donation will enhance learning outcomes in laboratory exercises as well as give students a one of a kind, hands-on experience. In addition, the research with the servo system will allow us to develop fundamental knowledge on ultrasonic cutting,” said Grewell.

Dukane also delivered a 30 kHz handheld ultrasonic welding system to the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering’s Technology Systems Management teaching laboratories.
Grewell is an associate professor of agricultural and biosystems engineering and CCUR affiliate. His bioplastics research group focuses on formulating, processing, testing, characterizing, and joining bioplastics. He also chairs the Biopolymers and Biocomposites Research Team, a CCUR research program.

Dukane is a global provider of plastic welders for welding thermoplastic materials.

Courtesy of Iowa State University: 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Why am I getting inconsistent parts?

QUESTION: I'm getting inconsistent parts even though I'm following the same parameters. Why?

ANSWER: You need to look at all elements of the project in order to pinpoint the problem. We suggest looking at the molded parts for warpage, heat sinks and cavity-to-cavity variations. Look at the joint design to make sure you have the right joint for the material and the part configuration. For example, using an energy director on a nylon part is a bad match.

Next, check out the elements of the welding system itself. Does the horn match the contours of the part? Or maybe the horn has a small, hairline crack.

Check the fixture to make sure it isn't allowing the part to move around or is in some other way dissipating energy.

Check the booster. Is it providing the right amount of amplitude for the resin and the part design?

The fastest way to diagnose all these problems is with iQ Explorer II advance user software. You can analyze distance, energy level, peak power, force, pressure--any relevant variable-- Along with detailed graphs of the weld process. It's worth the investment.

Call Dukane. They'll come in and do a full diagnostic test using their own iQ Servo welders with patented Melt-Match® technology,   and the price is right--it's free!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ultrasonic Staking 101

QUESTION: In a staking operation, I want the stud to melt at the face of the horn to form a rivet head. Instead, it's melting at the base of the stud. What's going on?

ANSWER: A couple of things. First, energy is transmitting through the stud to the base. Try pre-triggering the system so that the horn starts vibrating before it contacts the stud. This will help maintain an out-of-phase relationship between the stud and horn which, in turn, will prevent the coupling that's occurring. You should also try altering the velocity, or descent of the horn. Consider a servo welder with patented melt-match technology which will allow you to match the velocity with the flow of molten plastic. Another problem might be at the base of the stud, where you probably have a 90° angle. That's acting as a stress riser, and energy tends to migrate there. That's bad--radius the base of the stud. 

For additional joint design guides, please see our downloads page.
For more information or help with operating your machines, think about attending one of our ultrasonic training sessions! The next session is October 16th-17th at Dukane. There are seats available but they tend to fill up quickly as the time gets closer, so be sure to sign up ASAP to guarantee your seat. 

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Leo Klinstein of Dukane presents at 2012 UIA Symposium

Leo Klinstein, Director of Engineering at Dukane Corporation recently spoke at the 2012 UIA 41st Annual Symposium in San Fransisco, CA. The UIA Symposium is a 3-day symposium that provides a networking opportunity for ultrasonic professionals and colleagues from throughout the world. There is time for informal networking each day as well as outstanding presentations on the latest in ultrasonics.

Leo gave an overview of the ultrasonic plastics welding process in a 1.5 hour workshop session – “Fundamentals of the Ultrasonic Plastic Welding and Practical Equipment Demonstration”. It was a presentation and a hands-on use of an ultrasonic system. Ultrasonic pneumatic‐driven plastics welders and advanced servo‐driven welders were discussed. Participants were provided an opportunity to view practical ultrasonic welding with an industrial servo welding system on‐site at the symposium.

Other highlights of the symposium included how ultrasound is being used in therapeutic treatments of diseases such as cancers, removal of bone in approaches to tumors and aneurisms in the brain, drilling and sampling of soil and rock in extraterrestrial applications such as exploring planets for life, improving efficacy in sustainability applications such as creating biofuels, and advancing methods of joining and welding of semiconductors and polymers. UIA Symposium technical programs attempts to highlight scientific and engineering methods utilizing ultrasonic power to change materials in very positive ways.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Dukane at NPE 2012 in Orlando, FL

By Mike Johnston, VP Sales & Marketing, Dukane Corporation

NPE 2012 is next week. This will be the first year that NPE will be held in Orlando Florida. The show claims there will be 55,000 attendees which is up by 10% over 2009. They have posted that there are 1,826 exhibitors. The number of foreign registrants this year is 26% compared to 16% in 2009. They attribute this to a greater number of visitors from Latin America. Stating that the number of running machines has drastically increased, they are basing this on the tonnage of the equipment being brought compared to in 2009. In fact Dukane is bringing 19,146 lbs of equipment!

We are very excited this year, being at a new venue and the fact that we did not attend in 2009. I am confident customers will be interested in seeing what’s new with Dukane. Our booth is 30’ x 50’.

NPE 2012 Booth Concept

Our focus will be on our Ultrasonic Servo welders with Patented Melt-Match® Technology. We will be promoting our Servo Challenge which states “We are so confident in the repeatability & accuracy of our Patented iQ Servo Technology that if we are unable to produce a more consistent weld result vs. your current pneumatic welder...we will give you a pneumatic welder for FREE” We will have a large banner in the booth with a QR code that will direct customers to our website to sign up.  We are displaying the whole iQ Servo product family 15, 20, 30, and 40khz. The 40kHz is the A4 version which is mounted on a SRT50 rotary index.
All of the Servo welders have the new color front panel and will be networked with the iQ Explore II software, which will be projected on a 8’ x10’ screen up above the booth. Actually we will have two screens, the second of which will loop our Servo promo movie.
On the vibration welder front we are taking two machines. Our new 5700 LPT machine with its new user interface. The second machine is a frame completely built without the enclosure which will give customers a clear view of the robust quality. We believe this will attract a lot of interest.
Dukane will be the first to launch an Ultrasonic Welding Guide for the iPhone and Android users. Customers will be able to download this application for free to their phones while visiting our booth. The application has Material Compatibility, Amplitude Guide, Booster Gain Calculator and Initial Machine Settings.
In addition we will have an interactive display of the iQLinQ; running EtherNet/IP and Profibus, 20, 30, 40 kHz Hand probes showing patented Trigger by Power, and our new iQ LE Pneumatic press system.
This should be a fantastic show for Dukane!