Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dukane’s ISTeP---Gaining Industry Wide Recognition as a Standard Test Part

The Plastic Welding industry is well aware of the benefits gained from a better weld strength of any plastic material. Whether we are making and delivering medical equipment or packaging for consumer goods, weld strength is the key to achieve customer satisfaction. Dukane’s Industrial Standard Test Part (ISTeP), initially created to test the capabilities of Dukane’s Ultrasonic Servo-driven welders is gaining industry wide recognition as a standard test part in the Plastic Welding industry.

Excitingly, a global specialty chemical company is using ISTeP to compare the weld strength of different types of plastic resins they produce. The chemical company produces a broad range of advanced materials, additives and functional products, specialty chemicals, and fibers found in items people use every day. They are a world leader in the diverse markets they serve and focus on delivering innovative and technology-based solutions while maintaining their commitment to safety and sustainability.

ISTeP is a two-piece cylindrical part used to test a variety of welded parts’ characteristics. ISTeP’s cylindrical shape allows for Spin weld testing along with Laser and Ultrasonic weld testing and is one of the several advantages it has over the Standard plastic I-beam test part. Following video demonstrates Ultrasonic Welding of Dukane's ISTeP parts using iQ Series Servo Ultrasonic Welder. This video also highlights some of the unique design charecteristics of ISTeP for performing better pull and leak testing.

Additionally, the mold for ISTeP is designed for even filling, which prevents warping and sink marks, and ensures consistent wall thicknesses. The mold design also includes an insert to allow molding of an unlimited number of weld joint designs. Already, the mold has been used to produce a shear joint, a butt joint with a 60-degree energy director, and a butt joint with a 90-degree energy director. However, any joint design can be implemented, easily and quickly. The ISTeP allows for pull testing, pressure testing via a tube opening, and measuring part height before and after welding, determining actual collapse distance.

Each ultrasonic plastic welding method has its distinct advantages. ISTeP can also be used to find which welding equipment, process and feature works best. Features such as Trigger by Power, Static hold or Melt-Match® technology can be evaluated. Dukane’s enhanced iQ Series generators and iQ Explorer II software are available to provide even more versatility and process documentation to make the testing process complete and comprehensive.

ISTeP’s injection mold is available from Dukane for firms wanting test parts molded in their choice of resin. Dukane Corporation, Intelligent Assembly Solutions experts offer experience and expertise for your application. For more information on ISTeP and other ultrasonic welding products please contact Dukane IAS division at 630-797-4900 and visit www.dukane.com/us

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dukane IAS, Exhibiting at Upcoming Trade Shows

Fall is here and Team Dukane is ready to show and share the fruits of our innovative welding technology. We are exhibiting at upcoming trade shows and will be demonstrating our advance Ultrasonic Welding solutions.

The Assembly Show Booth #1439:

The Assembly Show gives a unique opportunity to witness new technology and products and interact directly with working equipment and machinery. Suppliers, buyers and users of assembly equipment in manufacturing plants connect, learn, share and explore all things related to “Assembly”. Dukane being a pioneer in providing Intelligent Assembly Solutions is exhibiting at the trade show. We are demonstrating our iQ Series Servo Ultrasonic Welder with Melt-Match® technology at this show. There are several economical and environmental benefits of using Servo over Pneumatic welders. Team Dukane will be highlighting those benefits during our demonstration. ISTeP Dukane’s standard testing part is gaining Industry wide recognition. We will weld the test part at the show and explain how you can use the test part to compare the strength of different Resins.

Join us as our special guest on October 28th – 30th 2014, with a FREE* registration to The ASSEMBLY Show at Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL. Use discount code “Dukanefree” when registering online to take part in valuable networking and educational sessions focused exclusively on assembly. This is a one-stop event to experience a resource-rich expo floor with live demonstrations and working machinery of the latest assembly technology, welding equipment and products.

PackExpo International, Booth #8352:

Pack Expo International is a great opportunity to witness advanced packaging solutions. Only PACK EXPO focuses on processing and packaging solutions while at the same time introducing you to technologies and ideas from all different industries. It is the one place you can discover innovations you did not know existed and truly see what is possible.

Dukane provides state of art packaging solutions using Ultrasonic Welding Technology and is exhibiting its OEM iQ Series of Ultrasonic Generators with Sealed Converters for aseptic applications. The compact components allow easy integration into OEM equipment. Applications include package sealing & attachments such as re-sealable zipper, films, spouts, fitments, clamshells, tubes and pouches. Dukane will be demonstrating welding of caps to cartons using iQ Series Servo Ultrasonic Welder with patented Melt-Match® technology. On display will be Dukane’s latest iQ welding systems with integrated Ethernet I/P for ease of integration with automated machinery.

We invite you to register for PACKEXPO held at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL from November 2nd - 5th 2014. Use discount code “76R91” and register online by clicking here. Meet the Dukane team at booth # 8352 and witness great technological advancements in packaging.

MD&M Minneapolis Booth # 1532:

For over 20 years, MD&M Minneapolis has been the trusted resource for what is next in medical design and manufacturing. Regardless of your particular design and development objectives, MD&M offers everything you need to drive your project to the finish line. Dukane being highly involved in designing and implementing packaging and assembly solutions for medical industry exhibits at this show. We will be exhibiting our iQ Series Servo Ultrasonic Welder with patented Melt-Match® technology. Stronger weld strength, tighter standard deviation and a significantly higher process capability (Cpk) are some of the benefits our medical industry customers had received using this technology and we would highlight those in our demonstration. We will also weld our new Industrial Standard Test Part (ISTeP) which is being used by the plastic industry to compare weld strength of different Resins.

Mark your calendar and visit us at Booth# 1532 on October 29th and October 30th, 2014 at Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, MN. For free registration click here and enter code “invite”.

See you at the show and for more information on Dukane's ultrasonic welder and other products visit http://www.dukane.com/us/default.asp

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Using a Buffer Sheet in the Ultrasonic Welding Process

Appearances matter, and your reputation may depend on that. These days every edge in making consistently appealing and attractive parts is important. So, here’s where the idea of using a buffer sheet in the ultrasonic welding process comes in.

What is a buffer sheet anyway? Basically it is a thin film – think sandwich bag type material, a heavy-duty clear plastic wrap – positioned between the ultrasonic machined tool (horn) and the part that is being welded.
Material used as the buffer sheet should not be the same as that of the parts being welded. For instance, polyethylene film could be used with ABS plastic parts. Polyethylene film is used in most all cases. Sometimes Mylar is considered as buffer sheet material, but it tends to be pricier.

What does the buffer sheet do? The buffer sheet provides a protective cushion to prevent the part from being marked during the welding process. The buffer sheet helps minimize the effects mold imperfections or variations might have as the ultrasonic horn meets the part. Essentially the buffer sheet fills voids due to contouring where the molded part does not match precisely with the horn. The sheet helps alleviate marking that might be caused by mold imperfections such as sinks and warpage and other variations.

What kinds of parts would benefit? Many kinds of parts will benefit from use of a buffer sheet during the ultrasonic welding process. In general electronics that have high internals cost are good candidates. Examples are parts associated with personal electronics, medical devices, and automotive controls and instrumentation. Consumer goods with high appearance requirements such as appliances can also benefit. Welding painted or decorated parts can also be done with a buffer sheet and reduce the concern of marking those surfaces. Whenever there is a critical need for superior quality appearance, using a buffer sheet when welding makes sense.
Machine Equipped with Film Feeding System

Film Feed Device A cost-effective option that provides a solution to position and dispense buffer sheet material is Dukane’s film feeder  at approximately $4, 300*.
A 6” wide by 500’ roll of film costs about $20* or $.04 per foot.
Some advantages in using this film feeder:
• Timing adjustments allow consistent film advance.
• This rugged, long-lasting unit will fit nearly any ultrasonic welder.
• Quality and consistency pay off.
• Higher quality parts reflect positively on company reputation and on sales.
• Positive return on investment.
For more information about Dukane’s film feed system, please go to: http://www.dukane.com/us/PPL_Film_Feeder.htm

Ken Holt, Sr. Application Engineer, Intelligent Assembly Solutions
Dukane Corporation, 2900 Dukane Drive, St. Charles, IL 60174

*Pricing as of June 2014, and subject to change without notice.